Social Responsibility
United Clothing is committed to conducting business in a responsible and ethical manner, while encouraging a culture that embraces diversity, respects the environment and participates in the growth and vibrancy of the communities where it operates. United Clothing incorporates a range of social responsibility initiatives designed to enhance the lives of employees, customers and the surrounding communities. At United Clothing, we value the safety of our employees and are focused on ensuring our operations meet and exceed the environmental health and safety requirements of the global communities in which we work and reside.
    To fulfill our commitment, we pledge to:

  • Promote environmental health and safety awareness among employees, customers and vendors.
  • Operate our facilities in a responsible way that places the highest priority on health and safety.
  • Comply with environmental health and safety regulations in the global regions in which we operate.
  • Evaluate health and safety risk factors associated with our business and take the appropriate measures to minimize these risks.'